Products Applications

Our Product fulfill the needs of wide range of industries. Mentioning a few, Reactive dyes are best for dyeing and printing cotton knits & rayon by their excellent fastness properties and bright shade range.

Direct dyes are used in industries like cotton Jute, leather paper, silk, wool, blended fabrics. Acid dyes are applied on polymaide silk wool, leather, nylon, wood stains regenerated protein fibers and to some extent paper also. Organic Phthalocyanine pigment are suitable for letter press ink, Gravure Ink, Offset Inks, Metal decorative ink, Air-drying Paints, water base paints, Flexographic inks and plastic application..

General Information

The Above Dyes are Applicable on All Type of Cellulosic materials by wide range of Dyeing and Printing Methods Using various types of equipments / machineries,

Printing & Dyeing can be carried out through various processes with REACTIVE dyes as well as dyeing with DIRECT dyes. But the choice for the process is made depending upon the quality of the cloth, machinery available and the colour yield desired. Any unfixed dystuff remaining on the goods should be removed by treatment with boiled water. thus the entire dyeing process consists essentially of the following stages

  • Application of the dyestuff to the fibre.
  • Fixation of the dyestuff on the fibre.
  • Removal of any unfixed dyestuff from goods
Pretreatment of the Fabrics

The fabric to be dyed should be throughly desized, boiled, bleached and be made highly absorbent and neutral in pH. To obtain deep and brilliand shades. Cotton Material Should be either mercerised or causticised with caustic soda solution 22ο Be. For viscose material causticisation treatment must be given with 6 to 8ο Be Caustic soda solution.

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